Stone Age Day

On a cold November day, we visited the Hampstead Heath Education Centre to take part in a Stone Age Survivor workshop. We pretended to go back in time as we walked through the Heath with our clan. We role played finding new camp ground where we built shelters and made fires. When we returned to school, we all make clay pots by rolling snake like shapes that we then twirled around to form a pot. Some of us added Celtic swirls. Everyone loved handling the clay to make something useful.


Are Lima beans alive?

There are seven features that define living things; they can grow, move, respire, absorb nutrients, reproduce, excrete and use sensory information. We observed some Lima beans that were sold ready to cook and eat. Our observations concluded that they were not alive, as they were not demonstrating ANY of the seven features required. However we then applied our knowledge of what things need in order to grow and decided that we should provide the beans with sunlight, water and the right temperature, before reaching a conclusion.


We observed the beans closely for any changes and were astonished to find that they had germinated! But how, had they been alive the whole time? Our enquiry revealed that the beans contain a dormant seed that will come to life when provided with optimal conditions.

What’s the news Green class?

Following writing our fabulous Newspaper reports, we decided to take our reporting skills to the big screen. We wrote some cutting edge scripts and rehearsed our interviewing and presenting skills, using our knowledge from Ted Hughes Iron Man, to bring the characters to life. Then we used iPads to film our news broadcasts and evaluate them before the final cut.


Eco Warriors!

We decided to become Eco Warriors and put on a performance for the rest of the school, so we could spread the news. We informed everybody that for every pound in weight of clothes that are recycled, it saves seven pounds of Carbon Dioxide being released into the air and destroying our world.

We also performed an ancient warrior dance called the Haka to show everyone that we mean business!

How can we help preserve our wonderful world?

IMG_4931We decided that we wanted to do something that could contribute towards helping to preserve our world. We decided to start a class clothes recycling bank, as our research in this area taught us that clothes that are thrown away become landfill. This causes harmful gases like Methane and Carbon Dioxide to be released into the air and destroys our planet.

Our project leader Kayla and her assistants; Josiah.M and Evelina got to work and the Green Class Clothes Bank was soon up and running. There was one major problem though…

…getting everybody on board!


Eco Art

We went to Hampstead Heath to create some artwork out of natural materials, using English artist Andy Goldsworthy was our inspiration. We foraged around the Heath and collected lots of natural materials, then we set about creating some Eco masterpieces.